Building a culture of life one student at a time.
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About us

The Culture of Life Studies Program production and development team is comprised of teachers, pro-life leaders, high school administrators, and graphic designers. Our mission is to stress the culture of life as an integral part of every academic discipline and to help students become effective communicators of the gospel of life.

Throughout the writing and development process, the supplement production and development team relies on content experts—embryologists, lawyers, doctors, university professors, historians, artists, and theologians—who are notable researchers in their field. Each supplement is carefully crafted to be accurate, effective, and engaging in order to educate the next generation of pro-life leaders and communicators.

Development Process

  • Research. Initial research and content development is conducted by a team of writers working with content experts who then send the draft to be reviewed by senior members of the production team.
  • Review. After the draft has been assessed and initial rounds of revision have been made, the second draft is sent back to content experts who make sure that all the information presented is accurate and kept within the original context.
  • Evaluation. The next draft of the supplement goes through a series of evaluations by teaching professionals and homeschool parents. At this point of the process, the supplement gains other resources and multimedia suggestions to enhance student learning.
  • Testing. The supplement is then tested on a group of actual students in either a classroom or homeschool setting before it is prepared for publication by the graphic artists.
  • Publication. After a final review by the production team, the supplement is prepared for distribution.