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Life Is Precious School Edition

Culture of Life Studies

Life Is Precious School Edition

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Life Is Precious School Edition (K-2)

Using themes from popular children’s picture books, Life Is Precious School Edition is a resource for teachers and students that illustrates the basic facts of human development and caring for others. In consultation with Dr. Dianne Irving, a former biologist at the National Institutes of Health, and other veteran educators, we created this 4-week unit study to provide students with accurate information to enhance learning. Designed to complement any existing school curriculum in grades K-2, Life Is Precious School Edition instructs children about the truth of human development while still respecting their innocence. It is perfect for a classroom or religious education setting and is a fun, easy way to learn about the value of each human being.

Product Features:

  • 16 lessons focusing on four different picture books which teach the value of human beings
  • Four units, each illustrating a different aspect of precious life and human development
  • Lessons to help children learn basic pro-life facts in a fun and easy way
  • Activities and material to help students understand the intrinsic value of each human being
  • Activities to help all types of learners: visual, kinesthetic, and auditory
  • 17 illustrations and coloring pages of human beings and fetal development commissioned by a professional artist
  • Critical thinking activities to prepare students to recognize the value of each person regardless of age, size, or ability
  • Fun and easy crafts using readily available materials from the classroom
  • Step-by-step instructions and photos for each craft
  • Games, cooking, and active learning
Topics covered in units:
  • The beauty of preborn life and fetal development - Angel in the Waters by Regina Doman
  • Each of us is unique - On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman
  • Standing up for what you believe in - Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Seuss
  • Defending the least of these - One by Kathryn Otoshi

Package Includes:

  • Comprehensive teacher guide
  • 12-week fetal model to illustrate key concepts from the study
  • DVD containing all of the printable appendices and coloring pages
  • Bonus: Baby Steps DVD with live 4D ultrasound imagery of preborn babies in the womb


“I love this lesson! Perfect for primary grade students, it clearly traces the stages of human development in a way that is accessible to young people and leaves no doubt about the humanity of the person at each stage of development. . . . I love the focus on the role of fathers—more important than ever in these times—and the gentle reinforcement of God’s mandate to honor our parents. Tying the concepts together with the Miracle of Life book project is a very effective culminating activity to show that each step along the continuum of life is vitally important and full of the wonder of God’s plan for His people and our world.”

– Tim Hamer, Catholic school principal

“I think the hands-on projects using household items and fruits are AWESOME. These are particularly well thought out. . . . I would stick to this model EVERY TIME. I also like how you keep everything short. . . . The multiple modality approach is best and it is best if kinesthetic is used as the primary approach before age eight. Kids learn by doing.”

– Regina Hiney, Catholic school teacher

Find the homeschool edition of Life Is Precious here.

Only one copy needed per classroom.

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