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Spiritual Adoption Program

Culture of Life Studies

Spiritual Adoption Program

$9.45 $110.00

Spiritual Adoption Program 

There is no easier way to keep the pro-life conversation going in your home or elementary classroom than by spiritually adopting a baby! 

The new Holy Heroes Spiritual Adoption Program is wonderful. We love it because it offers a great opportunity for parents and teachers to help reinforce pro-life truths with young students while protecting their innocence. It's over 40 pages of coloring, journaling, and fun activities that all help children appreciate the beauty and wonder of life before birth.

Buy the book alone or bundle it with CLSP products and save money!

Option 1: Individual-Use Bundle - $39.95

  • Holy Heroes Spiritual Adoption Activity Book (with DVD)
  • Holy Heroes Prayer Card
  • Pro-Life Prints with one copy of handprint sheets
  • 2 Fetal Models
  • 1 10-Week Key Chain

Option 2: Small-Group Bundle - $89.95

  • 1 Holy Heroes Spiritual Adoption Program (with DVD)
  • 4 Additional Holy Heroes Spiritual Adoption Program Activity Books
  • 5 Holy Heroes Prayer Card
  • 1 Pro-Life Prints with 5 handprint sheet sets
  • 5 Fetal Models
  • 1 10-Week Key Chain

Option 3: Holy Heroes Spiritual Adoption Activity Book with DVD - $19.95

  • 40+ page Holy Heroes Activity Book plus DVD with lessons from the Holy Hero Guides about life before birth. 

Option 4: Holy Heroes Spiritual Adoption Activity Book - $9.95

  • 40+ page Holy Heroes Activity Book all about life before birth.

 If you are buying for a classroom, please contact us for bulk pricing.


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